Innerchamber is the space that everyone has within themselves as well as me. Innerchamber for me is the space where I feel calm, secure, and connected to my creator, myself, and the rhythm of life inside me and also outside me. In Innerchamber, we can learn together, feel, hear, and adjust what we want to learn and live peacefully and side by side. With these values ​​of trust, I chose my innerchamber or space in me to be expressed and shared also for others who want to share good learning about themselves, life, and anything that has self-development value.

I know that every change always starts from within ourselves, and looks for ways to be able to access in a natural way holistically into ourselves without being dogmatic or fully conditional. Because we as humans are very familiar with the old PATTERN that really conditions our own lives, so we feel pressured to forget that we are able to neutralize all the things that have been conditioned for us as human beings who want to continue to develop and towards a good change from within the space in self first.

Hopefully, the Innerchamber Holistic Community can give support and or impact on everyone who wants to learn, heal, and be with each other with the like-mindedness, to be around as a support system and I do believe on sharing too, which in Innerchamber I do support another friend who also the teacher who works in the same aim, and field into healing, breathing, and much more, to give variety practices to you. We can move forward in life in peace from within and calm the mind to achieve greatness in life and learn how to uplift the awareness that will change how we see life differently. May our lives all are inspirational and be meaningful to each other in humanity.