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Innerchamber Breathwork


Every human being has their own needs in life. But in essence, humans want to know their creator and themselves. Why is every human being, so unique? Because we are born in this world with different backgrounds, and how were conditions they raised. All of this greatly affects the growth of every human being to become what kind of human being they are living their lives and choosing their way of life.

The journey into the self is not a very easy job and not everyone has that desire or need. Basically, humans consist of body, mind, soul, and spirit, or more specifically, every human being has a body, breath, mind, memory, intellect, ego, and self. We are not only physical human being but also psychological human and spiritual being who is connected to The Creator. But what about our efforts? To integrate that as humans we have a complete picture according to the nature that God has created as a whole being.


We as humans who live in modern times are too busy with everything that is outside of us and thinks that building self-identity is always guided by anything that looks physically (seen), logical, and measurable because that is the only concept that is taught by almost everyone including me. The question is... will this pattern make our living peace of mind? Have helped ourselves to know who we really are? Is all that enough to make you happy? Is it useful for life and to others? Of course, each of us can answer it and give ourselves the opportunity to ask important things, and being honest with ourselves is the beginning for us to learn to be aware of our own self-awareness.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Ineke Machdi, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia and I am a Breathwork facilitator. Maybe not many people know about this job and why? Why do we need to know to learn to breathe? I started getting to know the work using the breath when I was a teacher of yoga and pranayama, which was started in 2004, and in the course of developmental needs, I got to know another method that also uses the breath, and that is called Breathwork, that uses the breath too, with different methods will gain different results.

There is of course a reason for this interest because, in that time, I want to learn to know myself as a whole even though I know I am not perfect, I want to know my creator, and also want to know a variety of life by choosing to experience it. I really want to know the cause and effect of this dynamic of human growth, when we are accessing our subconscious using the breath and adding with other important sessions too that support each other for us to change from within. 


As I have already said, every human being is not only a physical human but also a psychological human and at the same time, we are all spiritual beings, this kind of inner work takes time to understand, takes our energy in thoughts, too much emotional releasing, and very much expensive to learn from one resource to the other, surely we need our patients to always keep going in the process and that's the things I did when I started to do my journey, sometimes during the process, everyone feels want to give up too, but the life that God promises, it is a worthy life to stand for and it's more values than what we knew before about anything.

​What is Breathwork? There are many ways to do breathing techniques, but Breathwork is not using the yogic breathing technique that we know in the yoga world. It is a therapeutic method pioneered by a few people and schools, for examples, such as Holotropic Breathwork and Rebirthing Breathwork. Through many experiences and science-based psychology studies, these Breathwork methods help us to release our trauma on a deeper level in our subconscious. We use deep connected circular breaths. When we encounter difficult or uncomfortable situations, experiences, or feelings we have a tendency to hold our breath. Holding the breath can create energy blockages and separation between the body and feelings. Breathwork consists of some bodywork and breathing to unblock your seven belts in bioenergetic which allows the energy in your body to flow freely. The after-effects of this can be an enormous sense of relief. 

In sessions, I specialized in teaching the age group between 20-40 years old, although there are also above that age too, it's because, at that age, there are many dynamics that need to be resolved, recycled, and integrated to become good for themselves and their lives. So that if they do not understand it, this will limit their self-development to build the basis for building self-concept, thinking patterns, and potential, and limiting them to see their purpose in life, as well as their relationship with the creator. Usually, participants do not only learn to manage their breath, but they also learn to know and understand themselves so they learn to see themselves from various sides, for example, they learn to understand their psychological development, they look back at the state of the inner-child inside in their subconscious, they reassess how the state of their parenting was raised, they learn to know the origin of the cause or the root of the inner wounds that have occurred in their lives that cause trauma within themselves.

So "the outer work" is what can be seen physically, seem logical, and measured, while the work using the breath is the inner work because the breath cannot be visible, the breath cannot be measured, and this is about how you know your soul if it is bad it can learn to changeable... if it's good, it's better to improve more.  Why do you need to clean your soul? Our soul is a reflection of anything that happens in us, consist old ignorance from the past, when our soul is clear, we can build towers on it, which means having faith in renewing our consciousness towards the truth that belongs to GOD. That is how things work in inner works, to re-build a new self.. we need to stop looking up to ourselves based on our darkness, support ourselves to let go and ask The Creator to work towards us. Between your body, mind, soul, and spirit, there is breath, and it is connected to each other by its source, it is all inseparable unless you are not breathing anymore.

Breathwork CANNOT be provided for people who have: Cardiovascular problems, High or abnormal blood pressure. History of aneurysms, Epilepsy or history of seizures, Anyone on heavy medication, Severe psychiatric symptoms, Particularly psychosis or paranoia, Schizophrenia, Bipolar depression, Osteoporosis, Recent surgery, Glaucoma, Pregnancy. An active narcotics addiction. Any person with mental illness who is not in treatment or lacks adequate support. Anyone experiencing an emotional or spiritual crisis.

​What do we learn? every session is not always the same between one session and the next, and between one individual and the other. In the sessions, we learn how to integrate and gain wisdom to the experiences that exist in our own subconscious. Our session is more therapeutic for the need for interventions ourselves that are done holistically in the healing process.


Our framework is based on an understanding of humans holistically have many interconnected layers, and learning psychological theories to recognize development and the subconscious from a transpersonal view. This is an integrated session between practice and theory so that the healing process in doing so with the aim that every human being can return to meet humanistic needs in their respective lives. In general, the goal of all sessions is to support you to achieve a greater sense of self-acceptance in the awareness, that helps you to increase the capacity to heal from within, and from there we learn again how to feel and continue to live our lives with balance, peace, and we learn to live forward with a spiritual mindset. 


Hopefully, what we are offering here, or in the session, can support you too, and may GOD bless you, and Thank You. 

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